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Published: 0753 GMT January 12, 2015

MP: France should shoulder responsibility for terrorist attacks

MP: France should shoulder responsibility for terrorist attacks

A senior lawmaker has called on the French government to shoulder responsibility for the recent terrorist attacks that have shaken the European nation to the core.


In an exclusive interview with Iran Daily on Monday, Seyyed Hossein Naqavi, spokesman for the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, also urged French officials to avoid propaganda aimed at spreading Islamophobia.

"France should not solely point its finger at foreign terrorists and Elysée officials should be also blamed for the tragic incidents," he said.

Naqavi pointed out that 1,000 French residents have joined the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which has no qualms about perpetrating heinous crimes.

"We would not have been taken aback if these terrorists had joined the Salafist Takfiri group from Libya, Bahrain or other states that are embroiled in domestic rifts," the parliamentarian noted.

The senior MP said the recent armed attacks in Paris indicate that France is reeling from several cultural and infrastructural flaws.

"Officials have admitted that 70 percent of the French children are taken care of by social institutions or their relatives, which indicates that family foundation in the European country is not stable enough," he said.

"French films disseminate homicide, murders and outrageous crimes, that is why such terrorist attacks have taken place in the Green Continent state," Naqavi said.

The senior parliamentarian criticized some French officials for drawing a comparison between the recent armed raids on their county and the 9/11 attacks in the US.

"Elysée statesmen are waging propaganda by resorting to such a comparison. They should be aware that the terrorists, who are responsible for recent crimes in France, did not grow up overseas," he said.

Naqavi said since some of the terrorists were not Muslims, the tragic incidents should not be attributed to the Islamic ideology.

He cautioned that the Muslim communities in France may come under attacks because of the recent tragedies, although they have always denounced extremism.

The lawmaker said the French government must be held accountable for safeguarding the rights and honor of both Muslims and non-Muslims.

"International foundations must question France if it neglects its duties to uphold the rights of its citizens," he said.

The lawmaker urged the French administration to eschew anti-religious moves and do its best to fight terrorism.

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