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Published: 0413 GMT February 02, 2015

Official: Sports empower disabled people

Official: Sports empower disabled people

State Welfare Organization (SWO) has signed an agreement with Science Ministry’s Sports Science and Physical Education Research Center to provide sport opportunities for disabled people.

Yahya Sokhangouei, the deputy head of SWO for empowerment, added that sport is considered an important factor for empowering disabled people, thus efforts are underway by SWO in cooperation with the center to devise a specific sport program for each group.

He said the agreement has been signed to use the potential of research center for training expert manpower in related fields for SWO’s centers.

“A sport is an enjoyable activity that helps disabled people improve their health and self-confidence and step into the society,” he said.    

Sokhangouei SWO’s Applied Science University is helping realize the targets set by the agreement.

“In the short run, we plan to offer training courses to the experts and personnel of SWO centers, while in the long run, we want to create a new field of study, which will focus on the branches of sport suitable for physically- and mentally-impaired persons and the elderly,” he said.     

An increase in physical activity is recommended to those with physical disability, but it is necessary to distinguish competitive sport from fitness programs, remedial gymnastics and active recreation.

Sociological gains include new experiences, new friendships and a countering of stigmatization. Perceived health is improved and in a more long-term perspective there is a reduced risk of many chronic diseases.

Finally, there is a greater likelihood of employment, with less absenteeism and enhanced productivity.

Both the health and the industrial benefits have a potential to yield cost savings that could make an important contribution toward the expense of suitably adapted physical activity programs.

The physically disabled should be encouraged to engage in physical activity, although further large-scale studies are needed to determine the optimal type of program for such individuals.

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