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Published: 0737 GMT February 08, 2015

Movie star commemorated in book

Movie star commemorated in book

A book commemorating veteran Iranian actor, Mohammad Ali Keshavarz, titled 'Del Shodeh' (Lover) has been published.

The book was released concurrent with the Ten-Day Dawn (February 1-11) celebrations to mark the 36th anniversary of the Victory of 1979 Islamic Revolution at a ceremony at Fajr International Film Festival to appreciate Keshavarz for his effective and significant role in the field of cinema for half a century, ISNA reported.

The book, compiled by Ramak Sobhi and Shahin Amin, has three sections.

The first section titled 'Keshavarz as Narrated by Keshavarz' pertains to interviews with the actor in which he recalls his memories from childhood, family and school and their impacts on his career and future life.

The section also includes parts related to his memorable roles. The section concludes by presenting a list of Keshavarz's films, plays and tele-theaters.

The second section titled 'Keshavarz as Narrated by Artists' includes notes about the 84-year-old actor's personality, habits and manners written by 13 cineastes comprising Ali Nasirian, Abbas Kiarostami, Esmaeil Shangaleh, Davoud Rashidi, Amin Tarokh, Mehdi Hashemi, Masoud Jafari-Jozani, Mohammd-Mehdi Dadgou, Dariush Farhang, Mojtaba Raei, Jamshid Hashem-Pour, Ahmad Bakhshi and Mahmoud Pak-Niyat.

Nasirian says, "Keshavarz is an honorable man, a good fiend and a talented artist. I have known him for 50 years."

Hashemi writes, "He was like no one. He very much plays himself."

Jafari-Jozani says he was the hero of my adulthood; and Tarokh talks about his regrets for the film star.

In the last section of the book titled 'Keshavarz as Narrated by Critics', four critics including Ahmad Talebi-Nejad, Javad Tousi, Ramtin Shahbazi and Saeed Morovvati review and evaluate the actors' performance during his career.

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