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Published: 0307 GMT February 20, 2015

Nat’l cancer screening underway

Nat’l cancer screening underway

A national cancer screening program is underway to detect three common cancers in early stages to increase survival rate, said Ali Motlaq, the head of Health Ministry's Cancer Office.

“Citizens will be screened for breast, colon and womb cancers, as prompt diagnosis will increase the average life expectancy of patients,” he added.

"The health program has different dimensions, including the assessment of the extent to which people are exposed to pollutants and stressors in every part of the country."

The official said cancer is a global health concern, as more people are being diagnosed with it every day.

"The high global cancer rate has been linked to lifestyle changes and higher life expectancy, which is associated with improved hygiene," he said.

Motlaq noted that life expectancy rate among Iranians has increased from 58 years more than 30 years ago to 74 years at present.

"The risk of cancer rises with aging," he said.

The official stressed that consumption of foods high in cholesterol and pursuing a sedentary lifestyle are other main causes of cancers.

He, however, said the cancer rate is lower in Iran than the global average, hence people need not worry.

"About 14 million lost the battle against cancers in 2012 worldwide, which is predicted to reach 30 million by 2030," he said.

Motlaq declared that 70 percent of deaths occur in developing countries.

Every year 90,000 new cases of cancers are detected in Iran, with breast cancer alone affecting 9,000 women.

The official said women living in cities with a population of fewer than 50,000 people will be tested for breast cancer.

"Colon cancer took the lives of 7,000 Iranians two years ago, which is more prevalent in the northern provinces, such as Gilan, East Azarbaijan, Semnan and Tehran," he said.

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