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Published: 0713 GMT February 24, 2015

Kish Island a paradise for sculptors

Kish Island a paradise for sculptors

Kish Island is hosting one of the most important artistic events until now from February 8 to March 1.

Five Iranian and 12 foreign artists are competing in constructing 17 big travertine sculptures in the First Kish International Sculpture Symposium, according to IRNA.

To provide a quiet and dynamic work environment, "all artists are provided with safety tools and necessary facilities at the workplace", said the symposium's director Seyyed Mojtaba Mousavi.

Pointing to the satisfactory progress of the contest, he said, "Each sculpture is taking shape and all the pieces will be completed and put on display before March 1."

Ronald Erich Mayer is a German artist who says the symposium is an exciting experience because it is held at the beachside. "Since I took part in the fourth symposium in Tehran two years ago, I know my current co-workers and this makes me feel at home," he added.

His sculpture is titled 'Out of the Water'. "This is my first experience on Kish Island and I had no prior knowledge about it. So when I heard about it, I looked it up on Google and got an idea about its beautiful location. This inspired me to design a sculpture showing a mix of water and sea," he said. "In my opinion, sea is the origin of all life and creatures."

Mario Lopes, a Portuguese artist arrived in Tehran a week prior to the symposium.

"The symposium seeks to promote not only art, but also discourse between artists which facilitates the sharing of knowledge and experience. It enjoys 'unique social aspects' including bringing artists together from all over the world and 'making life colorful' as well as edifying among people with so many different personalities," he said.

Other highlights include: a display of 42 sculptures, schedules for artists to visit Kish attractions, and a daily meeting in which each artist describes his\her artistic style and experiences to others.

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