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Published: 0945 GMT March 07, 2015

Brennan plans major CIA overhaul

Brennan plans major CIA overhaul

The director of the US Central Intelligence Agency, John Brennan, plans to conduct a major overhaul of the spy agency to make its officials more responsible and eliminate espionage flaws.


The plan, announced in a statement on Friday, aims to make the agency more nimble and technologically capable with introducing a new directorate to boost the CIA’s cyber skills, Press TV reported.

Brennan said the agency will establish a Talent Development Center of Excellence in order to recruit and train, keep up with digital innovations, and have a more centralized, streamlined administration.

"There are a lot of areas that I would like to have better insight to, better information about, better access to," Brennan said. "Safe havens, denied areas. Whether because we don't even have a diplomatic presence in a country, or because there are parts of countries that have been overrun and taken over by terrorist groups and others."

Brennan said he also plans to break down the division between operators and analysts. Traditionally, those who run spying operations and those who interpret the collected intelligence have been kept separate in different divisions and offices.

However, they would be brought together in 10 "Mission Centers", each of which will be run by an assistant director under the new plan.

The move came after Brennan admitted that some of his employees had gone beyond their authority following the release of a 2014 Senate report that slated the agency's use of enhanced interrogation methods.

In December, the Senate Intelligence Committee released a drastically redacted summary of its voluminous report on the CIA’s torture program during the George W. Bush administration.

According to the Senate report, the CIA misled Congress and the White House about the harsh methods such as waterboarding, sleep deprivation, mock executions and threats that the relatives of the prisoners would be sexually abused.

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