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Published: 0503 GMT March 23, 2015

Other side in need of harmony

Other side in need of harmony

Iran’s Deputy FM said agreement needs both sides to be clear and fact-finding.

Seyed Abbas Araghchi, talking to IRIB last night, asserted that in any agreement both sides have to act clearly and undergo a fact-finding process.

He stressed that Iran, according to IAEA reports have been dutiful to its commitments, however, “we announced that Iran is ready to help further in trust-making as there still exist some concerns.”

In response, Araghchi added, the other side has to guarantee the international legitimacy of Iran’s nuclear program and remove the sanctions.

“if we reach this equal approach and gain satisfaction of both sides, then we will have an agreement,” said he.

Describing the present phase of the negotiations as sensitive, the official stressed that it is natural for certain people to make some remarks to influence the process of negotiations, “however, what is clear in nuclear talks is that no party is expected to give any concessions to the other side, especially Iran.”

The senior nuclear negotiator said what Iran is doing now is to try to build the confidence needed about the peaceful nature of its nuclear program.

In return, he said, the other parties are expected to respect and recognize Iran’s right to a peaceful nuclear program and remove the sanctions they are unjustly imposing on Iran.

Araghchi asserted: “this is the ultimate goal of the negotiations.”

The most necessary point is accordance and harmony of the other side, he said, adding that “last round of talks lacked such a harmony; therefore they arranged a session after the talks in Lausanne to reach a common point.”

Araghchi said: “Iran believes the agreement is at hand if there will be harmony and political will.”

On future negotiations of Lausanne, Deputy FM said political and technical talks are processing in parallel and resolving technical issues helps political decision-making.

“we have progressed in some technical issues but on political issues we have to continue the efforts,” concluded he.

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