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Published: 0344 GMT May 24, 2015

Up to 3,000 register for organ donations monthly

Up to 3,000 register for organ donations monthly

Between 1,000 and 3,000 Iranians register as organ donors every month, said a deputy health minister.

Dr. Omid Qobadi added that about 3 percent of Iranians also hold organ donation cards.

“Iran is an advanced nation but the culture of organ donation needs to be fostered,” he said.

He stated that Spain has the highest organ donation rate in the world, noting that the humanitarian deed is as popular as supporting football teams there.

“Family consent for organ donation stands at 90 percent in the European country,” Qobadi said.

The official deplored that both organ donation cards and oral consents lack legal basis in Iran.

“Family’s written consent is compulsory before surgically removing the organs of their brain-dead members,” he said.

Qobadi said brain-dead patients have no chance of survival but their organs can assist others with organ failures.

“Four groups of specialists namely neurologists, neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists and internist examine the body before brain-death is declared,” he said.

The official said coma can not be identified with brain death.

“The tissue of brain is destroyed in brain dead people, while the brain of people who have gone into a coma is healthy,” Qobadi said. “Coma occurs as a result of sudden decline of blood sugar level, or lack of blood supply.”

The official said thanks to developed scanning machines it is not difficult to determine brain death.

Reports indicate that ten people who can not find donors for transplant surgeries die every day in Iran.

Katayoun Najafizadeh, a Health Ministry official, said in February that 25,000 people suffer from organ failure in Iran.

“Brain death is blamed for 10 percent of entire deaths in Iran every year,” Najafizadeh said.

She said 75 percent of families give their consent for organ donations of their beloved ones.


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