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Published: 0846 GMT May 24, 2015

Saudi war of aggression on Yemen gross violation of lnt'l Law

Saudi war of aggression on Yemen gross violation of lnt'l Law

Tehran, May 24, IRNA – Secretary of the Human Rights Commission Mohammad-Javad Larijani said on Sunday that Saudi government violated the International Humanitarian Law by initiating war of aggreession on Yemen since March 25.

'Yemen is subject to Saudi crimes against humanity and will definitely emerge triumphant. Saudi Arabia and its allies' justifications to embark on war of aggression on Yemen are by no means acceptable under the International Law,' said Larijani on the sidelines of the Seminar of Human Rights Prospects in Iran.

Larijani said Yemen is suffering from war of aggression perpetrated by the Saudi government raising so much hue and cry and propaganda. They are arrogant and have left a dark record in the international community.

'I am so sorry to live in an age, witnessing very heinous crimes and the human rights violatins and extent of violence against the mankind are worse than those in the World War II.'

He said that oppressed Yemen is target of aggression under the International Law by other country and none of the pretexts of Saudi leaders and its allies on the issue are not acceptable.

'They (Saudis) say Huthis staged coup d'etat in Yemen; even if that's right, Saudis have no right to attack the country. Is Saudi government elected by democratic elections?'

'Given you want to declare war on a country, why you kill people? Why you ruin the infrastructures, mosques and tombs? That's treason to the human civilization.'

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