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Published: 0134 GMT June 09, 2015

HRW decries ‘flagrant’ rights abuses under Egypt’s Sisi

HRW decries ‘flagrant’ rights abuses under Egypt’s Sisi

Human Rights Watch has slammed “flagrant abuse of human rights” under the military-backed government of Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi, who ascended to power following a 2013 coup.

Sisi “has presided over the flagrant abuse of human rights since taking office a year ago pledging to restore stability,” read a report entitled “Egypt: Year of Abuses Under al-Sisi” issued by the campaign group on Monday, Press TV reported.

The organization further said the Sisi government has undermined the civil and political achievements of the 2011 uprising that toppled Egypt’s longtime dictator, Hosni Mubarak.

“Sisi and his cabinet, governing by decree in the absence of an elected parliament, have provided near total impunity for security force abuses and issued a raft of laws that severely curtailed civil and political rights,” the report went on say.

The HRW also rapped the US and Europe for turning a blind eye to human rights violations in the Arab country, “including a lack of accountability for many killings of protesters by security forces, mass detentions, military trials of civilians, hundreds of death sentences, and the forced eviction of thousands of families in the Sinai Peninsula.”

The report touched upon “the mass killings of protesters” following a Sisi-orchestrated military coup which ousted Egypt’s first democratically elected president, Mohamed Morsi, in July 2013.

Some of the repressive measures adopted at that time are tantamount to “probable crimes against humanity,” including “the killing of at least 900 people in a single day, August 14, during security operations to clear protest sites in Cairo,” the report stated.

Joe Stork, HRW’s deputy Middle East and North Africa director, also cast doubt on Sisi’s alleged attempt to restore security and stability to the restive North African country, saying he is employing “a dose of repression the likes of which it (Egypt) hasn’t seen for decades.”

“What makes it worse is that Western governments that subordinated human rights in their relations with Egypt during the Mubarak era seem ready to repeat their mistake … Continued silence from the United States and Europe legitimizes al-Sisi’s flawed logic that the state’s clampdown on its own citizens will yield stability,” Stork added.

Earlier in the month, five international human rights bodies, including Amnesty International and the HRW, called on German Chancellor Angela Merkel to pressure Cairo over its rights violations during Sisi’s official visit to the Europe country.

“We urge you in the strongest terms to make … Egyptian authorities take prompt and concrete measures to put an end to government policies that systematically violate Egypt’s obligations under international human rights law,” read the open letter by the rights groups.

According to human rights bodies, over 1,400 people were killed in the violence that erupted in Egypt following Morsi’s overthrow.

Thousands of the supporters of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood movement have also been jailed, with many of them, including Morsi, receiving death penalties in mass trials.

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