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Published: 0330 GMT June 19, 2015

Saveh Grand Mosque needs urgent attention

Saveh Grand Mosque needs urgent attention

Dating back to 1,000 years, the Grand Mosque of Saveh in Markazi province, has been seriously damaged. It is in the dire need of renovation.

Saveh Grand Mosque, which is the first of its kind in the country and registered on the National Heritage List about 84 years ago, has undergone numerous renovations in recent years but more such projects are needed to save the ancient site from being totally  ruined.

With its walls decorated with calligraphic scripts, predominantly in'kufik' and 'sols', Saveh Grand Mosque comprises a courtyard,porch, a minaret, a few nocturnal areas, dome and two archaic altars.

A number of inscriptions have been discovered in the mosque, which dates back to the fourth century CE, indicating that the mosque is even older than 1,000  years.

The design and structure of Saveh Grand Mosque is unique and has an authentic architecture.

However, the mosque that was once recognized as a landmark of Saveh city, has turned out to be a symbol for backwardness. Termites, humidity and years of negligence have been blamed for substantial damages to the mosque.

On the historical importance of Saveh Grand Mosque, Mahmoud Baharvand, the governor of Saveh, said the city is home to numerous historical sites, which have not been organized to serve the tourists.

"There are many buildings as important as Saveh Grand Mosque across the city, which can attract huge number of tourists," he said.

Mahmoud Najafi, the head of City Council's Supervision Division expressed dissatisfaction over inattention to Saveh Grand Mosque and said many such sites are on the verge of collapse.

"Saveh is the most important city of Markazi province in light of its numerous historical buildings," he said.

Ali Akbar Sadif, the head of Saveh Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department, said over $23,000 is needed to renovate Saveh Grand Mosque and save it.

"A further $26,000 is required to establish tourism facilities near the mosque to better serve the visitors," he said.

The ancient Jame’ Mosque is a symbol for Iran's culture and religious values representing the country's rich history once it is global registered.

Although the building was registered more than 84 years ago on the National Heritage List, global registration is still a long way away.

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