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Published: 0258 GMT June 29, 2015

Dog acts as surrogate mother for chicks

Dog acts as surrogate mother for chicks

Usually when you see the words ‘pit bull’ and ‘chicks’ in the same sentence, it also contains the words ‘horrific scenes’ and ‘feathers everywhere’.

However this interaction between the two doesn’t end the way you might expect, wrote.

Not only is Jules the pit bull extremely gentle around the little chicks, she even lets the baby turkeys climb up onto her back and waits patiently while they prance around on her.

Amazingly this seems to calm the dog down as well, as it goes from frantic panting to quietly sniffing one of the chicks who hasn’t decide to straddle her.

One of the chicks even has the cheek to stand directly on the dog’s head!

The chick’s parents are close by keeping a watchful eye over their young, but they needn’t worry, as the pit bull provides them with a fantastic surrogate mother-figure.

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