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Published: 0244 GMT August 23, 2015

Lout Desert, the hottest spot on Earth

Lout Desert, the hottest spot on Earth

Iran enjoys significant potentials in tourism, with Lout Desert, the world's hottest place, being a case in point.


Some 70˚Celsius (158˚Fahrenheit) in the shade is the hottest temperature recorded for a desert and this vary spot happens to be in Iran.

The desert is so awe-inspiring that penetrating its unfathomable charm and mystery has turned out to be an unattainable desire of ecotourists, reported.

You cannot stare at the horizon of the Lout Desert for more than 70 seconds at noon. If you keep your eyes to the horizon for longer than that, the left hemisphere of your brain will gradually doze off. The slow process of slumber will make your nervous system numb and turn you off forever.

The Lout Desert, stretching for hundreds of miles across northeast of Kerman province, is visited by a large number of tourists each year.

Kerman ― famous for its dry and scorching temperature as well as numerous places of historical and architectural interest ― is in the south of the country.

"Black volcanic lava layers cover the desert, which is the prime cause of such an extreme climatic condition," said Parviz Kardovani, a geography professor at Tehran University.

Kardovani believes that being a lowland is yet another reason for the desert's extremely hot and dry weather.

"The desert's hot weather has made the chances of survival for living creatures almost nil ― even bacterial life. A dead animal in the desert will not decompose — rather it will dehydrate in the blistering heat of the sun," the professor added.


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