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Published: 0205 GMT August 25, 2015

Analyst : US media keep Americans in dark about Israel’s nuclear bombs

Analyst : US media keep Americans in dark about Israel’s nuclear bombs

US mainstream media have for long kept Americans in the dark about Israel’s massive nuclear arsenal while spreading misinformation about Iran’s civilian nuclear activities, says an analyst.

“Anybody that pays any attention knows that the whole nuclear weapon idea from Iran is a bluff anyway from Israel and the United States,” Tim King, founder and editor of Global News Centre, told Press TV on Tuesday.

“They want to prolong this idea that this nation that has no history of attacking anyone, only being defensive, would actually seek to have a bomb when it has been so clearly stated for so many years by Iranian officials that it is not,” he said.

King made the comments as a coalition of prominent Christian leaders in America has expressed support for the recent nuclear agreement with Iran, calling on Congress to “remember the wisdom of Jesus” and stop opposing the “historic accord.”

The analyst said what the faith leaders are doing “is exactly what they need to do.”

“In fact, I think people should be coming forth from every religion in the world and making the same statements, but of course Americans are primarily a Christian country,” he continued.

King said that US and Israeli officials as well as the mainstream media present the nuclear agreement “in such a way that makes it sound like Iran is being prevented from building a nuclear bomb, when that has never been the matter.”

“What about Israel’s at least 150 nuclear weapons?” the analyst asked. “This is amazing to me and it’s preposterous that after so many years Americans can still be kept in the dark by the mainstream media about the fact that Israel is an illegal holder of at least 150, I think the number is more like 300, illegal nuclear weapons.”

“People that are in the know, who do study the issues, are aware of the fact that; A: Iran does not have this aggressive posture; and B: Israel is a complete and total threat to the world,” he added.

The Obama administration is trying to save the nuclear agreement in Congress, which is reviewing the pact and is likely to vote on it in September.

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid announced Sunday that he would fully back the accord, making it more difficult for Republicans to win enough Democratic support to vote down the deal.

The American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and other pro-Israel lobbying groups in the US have launched a massive campaign to scuttle the historic agreement with Iran.

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