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Published: 0639 GMT September 01, 2015

Have no hesitation in cooperating with Iran

Have no hesitation in cooperating with Iran

Iran's nuclear agreement with the world powers can be the beginning of a new chapter in regional cooperation between Iran and its neighbors. The collaborative process will certainly fulfill the deal's realistic goals in the Middle East.


Iranian foreign minister has said, time and again, that the country's main aim in reaching a deal was to help tighten the regional security and stability by resolving a fabricated standoff over its nuclear program. It is obvious that when the aim is to make progress, security and difficulties of neighboring countries is our own. The Islamic Republic has never intended to dominate other states. However, it is deeply concerned about the regional developments that can be a spark for heightening tensions and crises in the region and consequently in the world. Disasters may lead to geopolitical changes in the region, this is while, some neighboring states are still hesitant to join a cooperative process with Tehran.   

But it should be taken into consideration that since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, any enmity toward Iran has failed to harm the country and Iran's honesty has been proven at the end of different issues. 

At present, regional countries should not shirk their responsibilities under the pretext of past complaints. Moreover, if it is the case, Iran is more rightful to voice complaints about the past. As some neighbors supported Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in his invasion of Iran for eight years in 1980s. Some neighbors even had covert and overt cooperation with Israel to counter Iran. In spite of these facts, Tehran has withdrawn its objections in favor of the regional interest as Iranian presidents after the end of the Iraqi imposed war have emphasized on cooperation with all neighboring countries.

Iran's regional rivals are well aware that Tehran has no role in the regional tensions as well as internal conflicts in their countries. In fact, they excuse their shortcomings and weaknesses by accusing Iran of interfering in their internal affairs.

Neighboring states that are doubtful about cooperating with Iran will finally team up with Tehran to gain their national interest, especially when they see most nations and states in the region have joined the cooperative process.

And none of the neighbors should expect Iran, as their partner and ally, to resolve their internal conflicts because Tehran’s strategy is not to be regional gendarme. This is contrary to respecting the national sovereignty of countries. Much of Tehran’s achievements in the region lie in its consideration of the nations’ demands.

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