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Published: 0326 GMT September 04, 2015

Owners of dog which barked 43 times a minute fined

Owners of dog which barked 43 times a minute fined

The owners of a dog which barked 43 times a minute for 20 minutes have been fined after council workers stood outside their property to monitor noise

A court heard that the two Jack Russells barked non-stop for hours when they were left alone in the terraced house by Brenda and Brian Goulding, both 52, the Telegraph reported.

The dogs could keep up the racket until they were hoarse, and the next-door couple could not read a book or watch TV over the row.

Prosecutor Jan Catchpole, for York Council, said noise enforcement officers counted up to 43 barks a minutes from the Jack Russells in Holly Bank Road, Acomb, York.

One half of the couple next door was recovering from a stroke, and both had been ill and needed rest, York magistrates heard.

But the racket from next door was sometime so bad they had to leave the house until the Gouldings returned home.

"I am not asking for much — just for the neighbors to stop their dogs barking incessantly," one complained in a witness statement.

The Gouldings failed to turn up at court and were convicted in their absence of four charges each of contravening a noise abatement order.

Each was fined £1,600, plus a £160-surcharge, a £150-court charge, and £647 prosecution costs.

Catchpole said when council officers spoke to the Gouldings about the barking last November, Goulding retorted that their next-door neighbors were harassing them.

The couple claimed they used calming medication and sprays on the dogs, and left the radio on when leaving the dogs alone — which they tried to avoid doing.

Catchpole said the dogs had caused problems for 11 years.

For nine years, the next-door neighbors had rented their property out — until the barking caused the tenants to leave.

Council bosses issued a noise abatement notice in November after measuring the barking and also gave the Gouldings advice.

But four times between February and May, council officers and neighbors heard incessant barking that was so bad it was classed as an official nuisance.

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