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Published: 0746 GMT September 26, 2015

Oil recovery confab, opportunity to enhance tech interactions

Oil recovery confab, opportunity to enhance tech interactions

By Amir Abbas Hosseini*

The oil and gas industry, as the main supplier of energy worldwide, provides a huge capacity for technology-based research, especially in the areas of optimized production and enhanced recovery. In this light, and based on the trust placed on the  Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) by the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum, which stems from RIPI's long-term and quality expertise and activities in studying over 20 domestic oil reservoirs, led to the assignment of the institute with performing the integrated studies and development of the Ahwaz Mega Reservoir. Accordingly, RIPI's master strategic plan was revised prioritizing the upstream industries and a large share of the activities of the organization were directed towards developing practical procedures and forming international relations to facilitate the mutual application of modern enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technologies.

The International Conference on Technological Opportunities (ICTO), which was initially born by offering 40 technological opportunities, is going to be held this year, with the theme of enhanced oil recovery. The ICTO serves as a practical and efficient medium for facilitating technological cooperation with countries benefiting from successful models, and as the title of the conference implies, the event can provide an atmosphere for introducing technological opportunities as well as enhancing technological interactions with energy and technology producing countries.

Acclamation received from different countries, is an indication of interest among experts, researchers and leading domestic and international companies in the practical and fruitful targets perused by the ICTO. The RIPI is proud to host oil and gas company OMV (Austria); the DBUII consortium (Delft University, Utrecht University (the Netherlands), Bergen University (Norway), Imperial College (UK), the IMPA (Brazil), the Synergy Company (UK), and Wellequip Company (Finland), in this ICTO. During the course of the 2nd ICTO, 16 preeminent EOR technologies shall be reviewed by researchers, operating companies and experts from domestic and international entities.

*Hosseini is the head of ICTO steering committee



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