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Published: 0237 GMT September 29, 2015

Vakil Bath

Vakil Bath

Some beautiful monuments remained from the reign of Karim Khan Zand, who named himself Vakil-o-Roaya, in Shiraz, Fars province. In addition to state buildings, there are some constructions and palaces which were used for holding ceremonies or as residences.


Some mosques, bazaar and caravanserai are known as Vakil; one of them is Vakil Bath spreading over an area of 11,000 square meters, the length is 120 meters and the width is 80 meters. It was built on the order of Karim Khan Zand in Taleqani Street, Darb Shazdeh District in 1766 CE.

According to, the bath has been built according to the most advanced principles of architecture. For example, the entrance is small and has a modest steep hallway leading to a vestibule below the ground level. The entrance to the cloakroom is angular to prevent cold air entering and heat to exit. The hot chamber is paved with stones under which there is a narrow corridor through which heat weather and steam passed to heat the bath floor. There is the reservoir with two great boilers, in the south of the bath, to heat the water. Also, there is a marble pool in the middle of each alcove. Some beautiful designs under the dome depict scenes of religious, love, traditional and fictional tales.

There are glazed tiles above the mosque, which have an inscription of Qur'an verses with the date 1885 CE written in Sols writing inscribing the name of Fathali Shah by Hossein Ali Mirza.

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