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Published: 0741 GMT September 09, 2014

Iranian-made device helps detect drugs using saliva

Iranian-made device helps detect drugs using saliva

By Farzaneh Shokri

An Iranian biotechnologist and professor of biochemistry at Tarbiat Modarres University, Mohammad Javad Rasaei, assisted by a six-member team, developed a device that will help people diagnose their own disease, such as cancer and cardiovascular disorders. Rasaei and his team conducted 10 years of studies before coming up with the device.

Iran Daily conducted an interview with Rasaei. The following is the second part of a two-part interview with him:


IRAN DAILY: You and your team have also developed a drug test to detect drugs prohibited by law. Please explain about the new test.

RASAEI: There are different tests for detecting drugs. The tests analyze urine to determine the presence of specified drugs, but some addicts take contraceptive pills before urine testing and this will bring about a negative test result. The new test helps detect the presence of drugs by analyzing saliva.


Could you expand on that? Can ordinary people use the test?

The test can detect 14 different types of narcotics, including heroin, opium and crack cocaine. Until now, only Iran's police forces have access to the test for detecting addicts, but in the near future ordinary people will also be able to buy the tests.


How long does the test take to detect the presence of drugs?

Urine tests take 42 hours whereas saliva testing takes less than 24 hours.


In the first part of the interview you explained about the device that helps people diagnose their own diseases such as cancers, cardiovascular disorders and infectious diseases. For which patients is it more useful?

It is more useful for patients suffering from cardiovascular disorders. They can diagnose their diseases in the early stages and go to see a doctor.

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