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Published: 0302 GMT November 16, 2015

Natural water supplies might be hit by 2060

Natural water supplies might be hit by 2060

Researchers through an announcement have directed everyone’s attention to a rather globally significant issue, water shortage. They recently stated that large sheathes of the northern hemisphere that houses over two billion people, could undergo increasing water shortages because of shrinking snowpacks.

According to a team of scientists in the United States and Europe, snowpacks are the seasonal accumulation of snow and according to the data analyzed, will likely endanger water supplies by 2060 in several regions ranging from California’s farmlands to war-torn areas of the Middle East, reported.

If the overall numbers are considered, about a hundred water basins rely on snow across the northern hemisphere for water and due to a shortage, they stand a chance of decline.

Justin Mankin, the study’s lead author and a researcher at Columbia University’s Earth Institute in New York, said in a statement, “Water managers have to make arrangements at a lot of places for alternatives as the snow reservoir will no longer exist.”

According to the study, areas that are the most sensitive to changes are, basins in northern and central California, Spain and southern France, the Ebro-Duero basin in Portugal, and the Shatt al-Arab basin affecting much of the Middle East, including Iraq and Syria.

The researchers said that global warming is disturbing snow accumulation due to changes. This snow accumulation acts as a seasonal source of water when it melts.


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