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Published: 0312 GMT December 07, 2015

President urges use of post-nuclear deal era for scientific development

President urges use of post-nuclear deal era for scientific development

President Hassan Rouhani on Monday urged academic circles in Iran to use the post-nuclear deal era for scientific development.

The President made the remarks while addressing a gathering of students at the Sharif University of Technology on the occasion of National Student Day, IRNA reported.

He added that his government favors an atmosphere which is 'safe but not based on security' measures.

President Rouhani said the Student Day 'should not be limited to a specific period.'

'University is the best place in which power should be criticized and students should question and criticize the power to prevent its deviation towards tyranny,' he noted.

The President added that all officials in Islamic Republic have been directly or indirectly elected by people's vote.

All officials in the Islamic Republic should be accountable towards people and accept criticism, Rouhani said.

He called government success in all fields particularly the field of nuclear deal as the result of people's support.

Stressing that war is the last option for resolution of problems, the President said that Iranian nation will defend its territory against any type of aggression.

The government is committed to promote country's relations by using diplomacy but it has also increased Iran's defense capabilities in all fields including the field of strategic weapons, President Rouhani asserted.

He said that Iran's defense power has increased as much as a decade and even more during the past two years.

Iranian nation is ready to counter any type of aggression and possible imposed wars, Rouhani added.

The President said that the government tested a strategic ballistic missile in line with victories in nuclear negotiations with the world powers.

He called the Iranian economy booming during the past two years.

The country's economy was in a deep recession at the beginning of this government but it has already grown and experienced three percent growth in the past Iranian calendar year, the President added.

Rouhani said that Iranian economy will continue growth in the upcoming year.

Referring to improvement of Iran's relations with the world after the nuclear deal, he said that universities should use the opportunity for scientific development.

Rouhani urged all governmental officials and people to prepare the ground for holding the upcoming Islamic Consultative Assembly and the Assembly of Experts elections.

According to the Iranian calendar, December 7 marks a day (December 7, 1953) when three university students who were protesting against a visit to Iran by the then US Vice President Richard Nixon were killed after police forces of the Pahlavi regime opened fire on them.

Iranians mark the day every year by holding ceremonies nationwide.

This year's ceremony was held at the Sharif University of Technology with a speech by President Rouhani.

A large number of the Iranian officials, university professors and students also participated in the ceremony.

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