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Published: 0715 GMT December 08, 2015

Iran pays homage to poet Bahar

Iran pays homage to poet Bahar

The great Iranian poet Bahar was commemorated nationwide on December 7.

Mohammad-Taqi Sabouri known as Bahar and also Malek-o-Sho'ara (the king of the poets) is famous for combining novel issues in traditional poetry.

The poems of Bahar bearing the title of ‘revivalist of ode form’ are quite traditional and strongly nationalistic in character although he was a 20th-century poet.

According to, he was born on December 11, 1886 in Sarshour District of Mashhad. His father was Mohammad Kazem Sabouri and his mother was Sakineh Tehrani (daughter of Haj Abbas Qoli Tehrani).

Bahar began his primary education when he was three, with his father as his tutor. His father was the Poet Laureate of the Shrine in Mashhad.  

Many scholars have strongly emphasized and documented that his style of writing and the beauty of his poetry have indeed made him one of the greatest cultural icons of modern Iran. They have praised Bahar’s deep passion for Iran and persistent opposition to fanaticism.

Although he worked for some period of time as a clergyman and preacher, his first and foremost passion had always been writing, especially of poetry, as well as carrying out historical research and teaching. He is also known as scholar, politician, journalist, historian and professor.

Main themes of his poems include freedom, law and independence which were mixed with sense of humor and irony.

Some of his works are ‘History of Sistan’, ‘A Concise History of Political Parties’, ‘Concise Histories and Tales’ as well as two volumes of verse consisting of his own poems.

The poet died on April 22, 1951 at his home in Tehran.

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