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Published: 1125 GMT December 27, 2015

Rouhani denounces violence in name of Jihad

Rouhani denounces violence in name of Jihad

President Hassan Rouhani said violence, which takes its root from a mentality and is a way of thinking, will be translated into rhetoric and then gradually develop into a discourse soon.

The President made the remarks while addressing the opening of the 29th session of the International Islamic Unity Conference here on Sunday, IRNA reported.

Hundreds of Shia and Sunni scholars as well as ministers of Muslim countries are attending the international gathering hosted by Iran.

The three-day event is to focus on the current crises inflicting the Islamic world.

He stressed that the real danger starts when this kind of discourse is based on violence and extremism.

He said if people fail to follow a fair, moderate tone of discourse that is far from any kind of extremism, the practical output will only be violence.

Elsewhere in his remakrs, he said Takfiri thoughts are definitively caused by lack of moderation and are productions of dogmatic minds.

The president went on to regret that today the world is witnessing a situation where a Muslim country is using the flag of Islam to shower Muslims with bombs.

However, he stressed, the Islamic world is not going to stop looking at the Zionist regime as the main aggressor.

The Iranian President further said the enemies have always been trying to depict Islam as a religion of violence while regretfully a small group from within the Islamic Ummah is now helping them prove their point claiming Jihad.

He said violence exactly starts where people quit mental equilibrium and moderate dialogue.

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