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Published: 0224 GMT January 02, 2016

Challenges to tourism industry

Challenges to tourism industry

Tourism is a key driver of economic growth. It can increase employment by bringing in substantial revenues.

Iran — as an ancient and wonderful land — has high potentials to boost tourism industry.

Given its huge diversity of cuisines, languages, ethnic groups, and natural attractions that are widely known to the world, Iran can become a top tourist destination.

However, Iran has witnessed insignificant number of foreign tourist arrivals over the past two years due to certain drawbacks and challenges.

A number of obstacles in the way of developing tourism in Iran are as follows:

1.   Although UNESCO has introduced Iran as one of the most beautiful destinations in the world over the past few years, many attractions still remain unknown.

Some experts have blamed certain unfriendly strategies for the decline in the number of foreign tourists.

They also claim that certain narrow-minded domestic and foreign political groups have been trying to tarnish Iran’s image as a safe and tranquil tourism destination.

Poor planning and management is yet another factor contributing to the decline in the number of visitors.

2.   Iranians are famed for their great hospitability but it is essential to teach Iranians from childhood about proper ways of interacting with tourists. Therefore, investment in cultural projects must increase.

3.   The number of arrivals that was hoped to increase following nuclear agreement between Iran and P5+1 has declined because of ‘the concerned’, who want create obstacles for the government by not permitting it to forge better ties with the world.

4.   Media play one of the most important roles in introducing tourism attractions to the world. Iran lags behind other nations in producing documentaries. Therefore, many people in the world are still unfamiliar with the innumerable attractions in Iran.

Development of the tourism industry is a must for Iran, which relies on oil and natural resources. Great reliance on natural resources, which will one day run out, can lead to numerous irreparable environmental problems and this can imperil the lives of humans.

Many poor countries such as Uganda, Kenya and Namibia have invested on tourism industry to save both natural resources and increase revenues.

Iran must likewise take strategies to boost tourism.

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