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Published: 0314 GMT January 12, 2016

North Khorasan attractions at a glance

North Khorasan attractions at a glance

By Saeedeh Khodaverdian & Atefeh Rezvan-Nia

North Khorasan Province is one of the largest Iranian provinces, which consists of cities such as Esfarayen, Bojnourd, Shirvan, Faroj, and Maneh.

North Khorasan hosts many ancient historical sites and natural attractions. However, historical and natural sites are not the sole attractions of North Khorasan.

The province has embraced people from various ethnic groups including Turks, Arabs, Turkmens, Baluch and Fars whose special traditions and customs are considered the basis of tourism.

Persian Daily 'Iran' introduced some of the tourist attractions of North Khorasan Province. They include:

Museum of living trees

North Khorasan is the land of ancient and thick sycamores and cedars — some of which date back to more than one thousand years and have been registered on the National Heritage List.

The 1,500-year-old Kotali Cedar, which is 21 meters in height, is one of the wonders of North Khorasan. The cedar is so thick that its trunk provides shepherds a place to rest.

Archeh Aziz, is a 1,200-year old juniper in Shirvan.

Bijan and Manijeh City

Ferdowsi, the great epic poet, has referred to Bojnourd as the city of Bijan and Manijeh — two famous characters of Shahnameh, who fell in love after Bijan was rescued from a deep well by Manijeh.

There are still houses in the city which preserve ancient Persian architecture, most of which date back to the Qajar era.

Bojnourd residents have produced candies since ancient times and old candy-making workshops are still found across the city.

Mofakham Mansion is one of the most beautiful landscapes of Bojnourd. The mansion was built by Momtahenolmolk Shaqaqi, a university graduate from France during the Qajar era.

The mansion consists of two large halls with numerous decorations including mirror, plaster and tile works. The tiles portray images of humans, floras and faunas. A statue of a human and an angel with two wings have been installed at the entrance of the building. Part of the mansion has been converted into the largest anthropology museum of North Khorasan, providing the visitors with the chance of getting acquainted with regional traditions and handicrafts.

Most beautiful forest park

About 10 kilometers from Bojnourd, there is a forest park named Baba Aman, which is a famous resort and a place to rest for those traveling to Mashhad.

There are 400,000 ancient trees in the forest park. The park has also artificial spas and waterfalls that have enhanced its beauty.

Baba Aman has been identified as one of the most beautiful forest parks in Iran.

Hanameh cave

Shirvan is home to artificial caves including Hanameh, Poustindouz, Kafar Qal’eh and Estarkhi.

Hanameh is a three-storey cave which is located 100 meters above sea level.

Artificial caves were used by local people as places for storing foodstuffs.

Espakhou fire temple

Dating back to the Sassanid era, Espakhou fire temple is one of the tourist attractions of North Khorasan. Located 100 kilometers from Bojnourd, Espakhou fire temple displays architectural styles of the Sassanid era and has been registered on the National Heritage List.

Accordion to historians, Espakhou was a village whose residents were mainly horse breeders.

Anyway, Espakhou is the oldest building of North Khorasan Province.


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