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Published: 0347 GMT February 11, 2016

President urges need to 'update' language of Revolution

President urges need to 'update' language of Revolution

President Hassan Rouhani on Thursday referred to Iranians as a people of 'negotiations, understanding and logic' and stressed the need to update the language of the Islamic Revolution.

'Iran's revolution is an ethical, peaceful and violence-free revolution,' said the President adding, 'A true fundamentalist, true reformist or true moderate are all revolutionary. And a revolutioanry person is one who believes in tolerance and resiliance.'

President Rouhani made the remarks while addressing a large gathering of people who staged rallies in Tehran to mark the 37th anniversary of Iran's Islamic Revolution.

Congratulating the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, Iranian nation and the world freedom lovers on the occassion, the President said, Iranians managed to gain their independence by three slogans of putting an end to foreign dominance, winning freedom and establishing a system which is popular and based on overwhelming public votes within the framework of Islam and religious values.

He said Iranian revolution has managed to overcome all problems in light of unity and integrity.

Iran's Revolution does not belong to a special party; rather it belongs to the great Iranian nation and all the world freedom lovers, stressed the President.

He added that the next Iranian calendar year (to begin on March 20, 2016) will be the year of 'economic growth.'

'Next year will be the year of progress and development of the country,' concluded President Rouhani.

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