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Published: 0313 GMT October 18, 2014

Antistatic spray paint for all surfaces

Antistatic spray paint for all surfaces

Researchers at University of Tehran have developed a high-performance semiconductor antistatic spray paint that can be applied to large areas without losing electrical conductivity, using nanotechnology.

Hossein Dibaei, one of the researchers of the project, said the product helps avoid static electric sparks in different devices.

"The antistatic nanopaint gives high thermal resistance to the coatings," he said, adding that it also gives antiabrasion properties to different surfaces and prevents dust accumulation.

He noted that the paint adheres to concrete, metal and wooden surfaces with a minimal risk of dripping.

Dibaei further said the spray has applications in electronics, oil and gas industries, fuel stations, hospitals and urban decoration.

The growing awareness of reducing carbon footprints and improving energy costs has led to a widespread use of nanopaints, which are eco-friendly, cost-effective and healthy for the people and environment.

Thermal insulating paints reduce the amount of heat penetrating into the buildings, thus keeping the inner environments cool and reducing the load on air-conditioning systems. This contributes greatly to reducing world carbon output, enabling us to take effective steps toward fighting global warming.

Resource: Iran Daily
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