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Published: 0702 GMT October 20, 2014

Press TV calls on Turkey to investigate journalist's death

Press TV calls on Turkey to investigate journalist's death

Press TV News Director Hamid Reza Emadi called on the Turkish government to find out about the suspicious death of the news channel's correspondent in the country.


Emadi called on Turkey "to find out exactly what happened" to Serena Shim, describing the accident as 'suspicious', the Press TV report said.

The news director made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Sunday following Shim's death across the border from Syria's Kurdish city of Kobani, where the ISIL terrorists and Kurdish fighters are engaged in heavy battles.

Shim, a mother of two, was returning to her hotel from reporting in the Turkish city of Suruç when the car she was traveling in collided with a heavy vehicle. Press TV’s representative at the crash site said Turkish Gendarmerie refused to reveal the identity of the driver involved in the suspicious incident. The identity and the whereabouts of the truck driver remain unknown.

Shim, an American citizen of Lebanese origin, covered reports for Press TV in Lebanon, Iraq and Ukraine.

Emadi called the 'car accident' version of Shim's death an 'infantile argument' by Turkey. "We are not going to buy that, "he noted.

"We believe that the Turkish government has to be held accountable to the international community. It has to find out exactly what happened."

"Serena told the stories," Emadi said, referring to Turkey's role in the crisis, including "how Ankara collaborated with those terrorists", and "blocked Kurdish fighters from entering Kobani" to help tackle the ISIL.

He further noted, "Press TV has every right to pursue the matter legally. "

Her family and employers say she was premeditated by the Turkish authorities, the station said Monday.

A Press TV reporter in Beirut said the station was skeptical about the reported circumstances of Shim's death, because she arrived in Turkey almost 10 days ago and had been closely monitored by Turkish intelligence.

"She told us in an earlier message that intelligence people visited the hotel where she was staying to collect information about her background and to keep a close eye on her, "Ali Rizk told The Daily Star.

"Moreover, the truck driver who collided with her car has disappeared, and we are not aware that the Turkish authorities are investigating the accident, or searching for the driver. All these facts made the station question Serene's death, "Rizk added.

Shim had told the station Friday that the Turkish intelligence agency accused her of spying and that she feared being arrested, the TV report said.

Members of Shim's family said they did not believe she died in a normal accident in Turkey and that they would pursue the matter legally, the station reported.

Emadi also said that Shim was an American national who died "under very suspicious circumstances" inside Turkey. "We are waiting to see whether the US government is reacting or asking Ankara for clarification."

Shim will not return to her children in Lebanon just because she "criticized a certain country that is creating chaos in the region by supporting terrorists both inside Syria and Iraq, "Emadi said.

An American journalist believes that the slain Press TV correspondent appears to be the victim of a black operation by the US Central Intelligence Agency.

“Mrs. Shim most likely died as a result of her tireless pursuit of truth which is suppressed by media in the West. Mrs. Shim appears to be the victim of a CIA black op, most likely with the cooperation of Turkey who just recently accused her of being a ‘spy’ after she exposed Turkey’s assistance of ISIL,” said Rodney Martin, who is the chairman of the American Nationalist Association.

There is still no reaction from Ankara.

In 2012, Press TV lost another correspondent, Maya Nasser, who was shot in the neck and the chest by a foreign-backed sniper in the Syrian capital Damascus.

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