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Published: 1116 GMT April 11, 2016

Obama responsible for bloodshed in Libya: Analyst

Obama responsible for bloodshed in Libya: Analyst

US President Barack Obama is responsible for the death of thousands of Libyans over his decision to launch a military intervention in the country, says an American author and political analyst.

Mark Glenn made the comments on Monday while discussing Obama’s recent remarks, calling the mishandling of the situation in Libya as his “worst mistake” in the past eight years.

Glenn said he believes Obama is trying to acquit himself and walk away from a deadly crisis that he was directly involved in.

“There was no mishandling or mismanagement of the situation in Libya,” Glenn said, arguing that “Everything that happened was exactly what Obama” and his military and political advisors knew beforehand.

In March 2011, a US-backed coalition of Western countries, including the UK and France, launched missiles and air strikes against Libya in a bid to help oust Gaddafi following a national uprising.

Gaddafi was deposed later that year shortly after the fall of the capital Tripoli on August 20.

But the ensuing power vacuum allowed various militant groups, including a Daesh affiliate, to gain power in the country and exploit its natural resources.

He likened the Libyan crisis to the aftermath of the 2003 US invasion of Iraq that left the country in chaos and turned the country into a “cauldron of instability.”

“So, the notion that Obama did not see this coming lies somewhere between the improbable and the impossible,” he continued.

The Idaho-based author further argued that the US government was basically seeking to “kill two birds with one stone” in Libya, and sought to nurture terrorist groups in the country such as the Daesh Takfiri group and use them “to further Western and Israeli interests in the region.”

General David Rodriguez, commander of US Africa Command, said earlier this week that  has "probably about doubled in the last 12 to 18 months” and stands now at "around 4 to 6,000."

“Obama is guilty of having murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Libya by his decision, and the notion that somehow he should get a pass in all of this on the basis that this was just a ‘mistake’ simply does not hold up to scrutiny,” Glenn said in his concluding remarks.

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