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Published: 0324 GMT April 12, 2016

Naraq attractions

Naraq attractions

Naraq ― a city in the central district of Delijan County, Markazi Province ― is the second special city in terms of architecture and urban construction.

The city, which dates back to 2,000 years, boasts 130 historical buildings and sites. The architectural styles in this old city pertain to the Ilkhanid, Seljuk and Qajar eras.

Naraq is home to three aqueducts, two caravanserais and Shamsolsaltaneh Bazaar.

A meteor struck a school in Naraq in 1974 ― making the city a center of meteor shower.

Naraq Mayor Mahmoud Moradi said three billion rials ($100,000) will be required to renovate the city’s old bathhouse and turn it into an anthropology museum.

He added that annual budget of 500 million rials ($26,161) is insufficient for renovating the historical monuments of Naraq.

Two thousands historical and natural monuments have been identified across Markazi province, of which 800 have been registered on the National Heritage List.

The Chal Nakhjir cave is situated between Delijan and Naraq in Markazi Province, central Iran. It was discovered in 1989 by personnel of the water facilities department who were searching for water sources.

The cave is renowned for its exceptional white dolomite sediments. It was created about 70 million years ago.

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