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Published: 0139 GMT April 19, 2016

Rouhani: JCPOA political victory for Iranian nation

Rouhani: JCPOA political victory for Iranian nation

President Hassan Rouhani defended a nuclear agreement which has recently come under criticism at home, calling it a "political and legal honor for the Iranian nation."

The remarks made in the north-central Iranian city of Semnan on Tuesday came amid complaints that the US and the EU are not fulfilling their part of the deal reached in July, Press TV reported.  

"Some individuals are questioning the JCPOA, saying what it has done for us. This is while the JCPOA has put on record a political and legal honor in the history of the Iranian nation," Rouhani said.

The JCPOA stands for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action which Iran agreed with the US, Russia, China, Germany, France and Britain in July to put their nuclear differences to rest and lift sanctions on Tehran.

The president said he started his office while sanctions were at the "highest point" and inflation, recession, unemployment and market volatility had become a serious preoccupation of the people.  

"The great Iranian nation took a historic decision, opting to defeat the Islamophobia and Iranophobia campaign of the big powers and international Zionism," he said. 

Iran, Rouhani said, decided "to resolve all pressures resulting from sanctions as well as regional and international problems one after another."   

Rouhani added that the Iranians stood firm in the face all the pressure and facilitated the removal of anti-Iran sanction against the country with their strong resolve.

“We have almost reached the summit,” the Iranian chief executive noted.

“Who would have thought that six [UN] Security Council resolutions and 12 resolutions [devised by the International Atomic Energy Agency’s] Board of Governors be terminated one after another,” he said.

After the JCPOA went into effect on January 16, all nuclear-related sanctions imposed on Iran by the European Union, the UN Security Council, and the US were lifted. Iran, in return, has put some limitations on its nuclear activities.





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