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Published: 0736 GMT November 05, 2014

Major European exporters to Iran announced

Major European exporters to Iran announced

Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the Netherlands were major European exporters of goods to Iran during March 21-September 22.

The four countries were also the top European exporters last year, IRNA reported.

In this period, the total export of these European countries to Iran amounted to $2.99 billion.

Some $1.24 billion (40 percent) of the figure pertain to Germany, which ranks sixth among top exporters of goods to Iran.

In the same period, Switzerland exported $780 million worth of products to Iran, ranking seventh among 10 top exporters of goods to Tehran.

Italy and the Netherlands by exporting $483 million worth of goods each ranked eighth and ninth respectively.

The UAE, China, India, South Korea and Turkey were the fifth top exporters during the six months.

In the same period, 25.2 percent and 22.7 percent of Iran’s imports pertained to the UAE and China.

Iran’s imports from the UAE and China in this period amounted to $6.54 billion and $5.89 billion respectively.

During March 21-September 22, Iran’s total imports reached $26.02 billion, indicating a 29-percent growth compared with the corresponding figure of last year, which was $20.17 billion.

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