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Published: 1028 GMT May 01, 2016

Workers celebrate International Labor Day worldwide

Workers celebrate International Labor Day worldwide

Workers across the globe have taken part in rallies to mark the 127th International Workers’ Day, also known as Labor Day or May Day.

Workers took to the streets in countries around the world on Sunday to mark the occasion and call for better wages and job conditions for labor forces.

In the Russian capital, around 100,000 people, including members of trade unions and political activists, gathered at Moscow’s Red Square to celebrate the official holiday.

Marchers chanted slogans for better salaries and pensions and the improvement of worker’s rights and conditions. The activists brought Russian flags, colorful banners and balloons to celebrate the occasion.

In the German cities of Berlin and Hamburg, thousands of workers took part in mostly peaceful demonstrations marking the day.

In France, the public holiday is usually celebrated with parades in major cities. However, on Sunday, in the French capital, Paris, clashes broke out between police and demonstrators protesting against a controversial labor law proposed by the government to the parliament.

In the British capital, London, the International Workers’ Day rally was held in central London, with UK Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn promising to defend labor forces by tackling government attempts to violate workers’ rights.

In recent years, labor groups have staged a number of large rallies in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Doncaster on the day to defend their rights.

In Turkey, workers also rallied in major cities. Police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse demonstrators trying to reach Istanbul’s iconic Taksim Square.

In recent times, pro-labor movements around the world have used May 1 to stage mass marches and protests for the betterment of conditions of the working class.

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