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Published: 0300 GMT June 08, 2016

90% of Iranian hospitals have infectious waste treatment systems

90% of Iranian hospitals have infectious waste treatment systems

Ninety percent of Iran's hospitals were equipped systems to sterilize infectious waste, said a senior Health Ministry official.

Khosrow Sadeq-Niyat added that the system sterilizes the medical waste using autoclave or radiation.

There are 900 hospitals across the country, of which 580 are state-run, he said.

Medical waste is not restricted to hospital. Infectious waste is also produced in public or private clinics and pharmacies.

Earlier, Tehran's deputy mayor for urban services said about 7,500 tons of wastes are collected from the city daily.

Mojtaba Abdollahi added that an incineration power plant has been established in the city in cooperation with the private sector.

More incineration power plants are expected to be built in the next few years to burn the waste produced in Tehran to generate electricity.

The official pointed out that based on the law, the Health Ministry is bound to deliver hospital wastes to the municipality, stressing that such wastes, which are contaminated, should be collected and treated separately.

“The municipality needs Health Ministry's assistance in treating hospital waste,” he said.

Abdollahi said Tehran Municipality is prepared to collect and dump infectious wastes of hospitals, polyclinics and treatment centers of Tehran, adding the Health Ministry, municipality and the private sector can enter into a trilateral agreement in this respect.

Some 7,000 small and large treatment centers are operational in Tehran, producing 200 tons of infectious wastes daily.

Only 90 tons of such wastes are dispose in a standardized manner, pointing put that no information is available about more than 50 percent of hospital wastes. 150 treatment centers have been warned about inappropriate disposal of hazardous wastes while legal actions have been initiated against 20 medical centers which flouted the laws.

Only 500 tons of the total 7,500 tons of wastes produced in Tehran are discarded properly.

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