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Published: 1056 GMT June 12, 2016

Sanders to meet Clinton and discuss his priorities

Sanders to meet Clinton and discuss his priorities

US Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says he won't endorse his party’s presumptive presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for president until they meet and he can measure her commitment to combating wealth inequality, the US financial sector, and other issues that powered his presidential campaign.

Sanders said Sunday that he will meet with Clinton, a former secretary of state, on Tuesday evening to discuss what kind of presidency she will have if she beats Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and wins the White House.

"I look forward to sitting down with Secretary Clinton and see what kind of platform she is going to support and how aggressive she is going to be," he said on CBS' "Face the Nation."

''Dependent on how Secretary Clinton comes down on many of these major issues will determine how closely we can work with her."

Sanders said defeating presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is his first priority. He was to meet on Sunday with supporters and senior advisers at his home in Burlington, Vermont.

Sanders’ emphasis on US income inequality and the influence of corporate money on elections and the government helped him attract million of voters to his campaign trail.

Across the Sunday talk shows, Sanders suggested he wants to ensure that Clinton's support for his priorities, which attracted scores of younger and female voters, is more than words spoken by her or printed on the party's platform.

"Generally speaking, a platform is a piece of paper tucked away in some kind of drawer, but I do not want that to be the case nor do millions of people who voted for real change want that to be the case," Sanders said on CBS. "That is exactly what Secretary Clinton and I will be talking about."

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