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Published: 0216 GMT June 14, 2016

Great white shark found in 'safe seas' of European holiday hotspots

Great white shark found in 'safe seas' of European holiday hotspots

This week the image of a huge dead great white shark posted online highlighted the apparent danger that could lurk in the water at tourist traps on the Mediterranean Sea.

With just a six-mile wide entrance between Morocco and Gibraltar, the Mediterranean is often seen as locked off from the rest of the world's oceans and all they contain, according to

Tourist boards often promote how unlikely it is for any significant shark species to be found in the clear blue waters.

In fact, most people swimming, even at reasonable depths, in the Med, feel confident the largest sea creature they are likely to encounter is a placid sea turtle

But talk of sightings of the fearsome Great White Shark within the sea that separates northern Africa from Europe are no longer a myth.

The thousands of migrants who have crossed from Libya to Greece and Italy, not only risk drowning, but being eaten alive if reports are to be believed.

This week, reported that there had been uproar after a picture of divers posing with a dead great white shark they caught in the Med appeared online.

The group of Maltese divers said they were in Libya when it washed ashore dead, but the picture said to have been taken a year ago, was originally posted on social media with the caption: "We caught it before it caught us."


The Great White is an endangered species which should not be hunted or fished.

But, whatever the rights or wrongs of what they did, the posting is proof the killer fish is swimming in the Med.

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