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Published: 0732 GMT June 20, 2016

Legislative-Executive bond key to success

Legislative-Executive bond key to success

The Rouhani administration managed to resolve problems, particularly foreign policy issues, facing Iran by constructive and effective measures.

The 11th government has ironed out the country’s legal problems. Now, the government is required to develop its international relations and put the agreed contents of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) into practice.

The ongoing crises surrounding Iran have largely drawn the attention of the Iranian government that is expected to address them through constructive and interactive talks with regional states including Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Although the incumbent government is to blame for some executive failures, the administration has moved toward reform and progress.

The Iranian Parliament can help the government overcome its executive drawbacks as it is authorized to legislate and oversee the enactment of laws. The government will be provided with a more promising future in case the legislative body amends and approves the cabinet’s bills.

The administration needs to pay due heed to its supporters, the masses particularly the middle class and vulnerable by taking a pragmatic approach and avoiding populist slogans and behaviors.

The 11th government is faced with tougher conditions when compared to the previous reformist cabinet that failed to pay organized, meaningful and institutionalized attention to public circles.

With the Rouhani administration almost three years in office, there is hope to witness a more successful economic and social performance from the Executive branch.

The Parliament and government are two parallel bodies which are required to support each other in sorting out complicated social and executive problems. 

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