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Published: 0912 GMT June 26, 2016

Leader: Defeating Iran main reason behind Daesh creation

Leader: Defeating Iran main reason behind Daesh creation

The Daesh terrorist group has been created to defeat the Islamic Republic of Iran, says Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Kamenei, Leader of the Islamic Revolution.

'The main reason behind the formation of the Takfiri terrorist groups and their terrorist operations in Iraq and Syria was attacking Iran,' the Leader said in meeting with families of defenders of holy shrines martyred in the fight against Daesh terrorists in Syria and Iraq on Saturday, according to IRNA.

But they are trapped in these countries, the Leader said, referring to the terrorist groups.

The terrorist groups do not differentiate between the Shias and Sunnis, he said, 'They just target any Muslim who side with the Islamic Revolution and is against the United States.

In Bahrain, the issue is not the issue of Sunni and Shia but it is the issue of a arrogant and oppressive minority oppressing the majority, the Leader added. 

Calling Sheikh Isa Qassim a jihadi cleric, Ayatollah Khamenei said that this top Shia cleric was the one who always advised Bahraini people to avoid extremist and armed actions against the Bahraini ruling system. 

Bahrain rulers do not understand that removing Sheikh Isa Qassim means removing obstacles on the way of the enthusiastic youth of Bahrain and paving the way for them to do whatever they can do confronting the ruling establishment, he added.

Referring to the 1981 bombing of the Iran Islamic Republic Party headquarters in Tehran, he said that the elements behind this terrorist action, have sheltered in the US and European countries whose leaders claim to fight terrorism and support human rights.

The elements behind the 1981 bombing are now under the US umbrella, the Leader said.

He urged the government officials to exploit the potential people yield in all fields particularly in the economy similar to the eight year of the country's holy defense against Saddam regime's imposed war.

Expressing his praise for the youth from Iran and other countries that go to Syria to fight terrorist groups, Ayatollah Khamenei hailed the patience of the families of martyrs.

The Leader noted that martyrs and their families are pillars of Iran's power and authority.

'Wherever we relied on the revolution and the revolutionary spirit, we progressed forward but whenever we did something to satisfy the arrogant elements, we lagged behind and failed,' he said.

The Leader also said that faith in God, Jihadi beliefs and a strong passion for revolution among the youth are sources of Iran's power in its asymmetric warfare against the arrogant front.

Arrogant powers are not able to analyze the sources of Iran's power and therefore they resort to violent ways against the Islamic Revolution, he noted.

The Leader said that arrogant powers and their affiliates are not able to recognize the Muslims' sources of power thus their analysis tends to be miscalculated.

Families of those martyred in the 1981 bombing of the Iran Islamic Republic Party headquarters in Tehran joined a fast-breaking (Iftar) ceremony with the Leader on Saturday to commemorate the anniversary of the terrorist event. 

Also present in the ceremony were families of the Iranian military advisers along with families of the Afghans whose loved ones have been martyred in Syria and Iraq, defending the holy shrines. 

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