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Published: 0249 GMT June 27, 2016

Ancient trees registered on National Natural Heritage List

Ancient trees registered on National Natural Heritage List

Seven ancient trees including sycamore, cedar and tamarisk ― dating back to 1,500-170 years and located in Qaen, Tabas and Darmian, all in the eastern province of South Khorasan ― were registered on the National Natural Heritage List.

Announcing this, Director General of the Directorate for Protection and Renovation of Spiritual and Natural Heritage Farhad Nazari said the natural heritages which were registered included two sycamores whose antiquity goes back to 300-550 years, cedar trees which are 1,500-1,000 years old in Qaen, two cedar trees aged 1,500-650 years, one 700-year-old olive tree and one 170-year-old tamarisk tree in Tabas and one sycamore, dating back to 400-450 years, in Darmian.

He added that the abovementioned trees are under protection, supervision and support of Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO). Any impediments, possession or acts leading to their destruction will henceforth be prohibited, he said.

ICHHTO further clarified that the precincts of the ancient trees will be safeguarded and their protection regulations enforced, he added.

The National Natural Heritage List, which is identified, introduced and registered by ICHHTO, includes natural geographical areas that are protected due to their special physical and biological qualities, unique geographical sceneries, natural-historical sites, valuable flora and fauna species and their habitats.

Mount Damavand was the first site to be registered on the National Natural Heritage List.


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