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Published: 0719 GMT July 16, 2016

Root causes of terrorism

Root causes of terrorism

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Nowadays, no one is safe across the globe and 'international security' has become meaningless.

In such insecure conditions, a number of factors have triggered terrorist attacks and provoked violence in some wealthy Western nations, particularly in France.

First, the emergence of terrorism itself is the root cause of attacks. Where do the terrorists come from? Who supports them? Who created them?

Although there are not still strong evidences available on the affiliation of the Nice attacker to Daesh or other groups, since some security sources on the Daesh website have claimed the attacker to be affiliated to them, it is better to analyze the roots of Daesh here.

It is now a clear fact that the Daesh and other terrorist groups fighting the legitimate governments of Syria and Iraq were originally created by petrodollars of some Arab states of the Persian Gulf region and patronage of the United States and some Western countries. These groups were created because they served their purpose at a certain stage of time.

Second, even today, the same countries classifying the terrorists into “good terrorists” and “bad terrorists”.

The good ones are those who serve the purpose of their creators. They are given all kinds of weapons and political and intelligence supports.

However, the social conditions of the countries where these terrorists are fighting the national governments play a decisive role in their “progress”.

Economic inequality has been substantially increasing in these countries. This gloomy phenomenon shows an illness in a society and contributes to conflicts among social strata.  

Third, in fact, growth of terrorist activities, like the ones in Syria and Iraq, although stemming from growing economic inequality and other social illnesses in these countries, could not take place as rapidly as it has been if it were not for the Arab petrodollars, takfiri ideology and Western and American intelligence and political support.

When the Daesh launched its attack in Iraq and Syria in this very column we warned that the terrorists will one day turn their guns against their political mentors.

Terrorism is bad in all its forms. It is inhuman and heinous. It must be condemned in all its forms. But condemnation is not enough. All countries across the world must join hands to uproot terrorism in all its forms regardless of its ideology, geography of activities, time and space.

The Nice attack is an inhuman act. It is strongly condemned. But to prevent its repetition, the French government must help uproot terrorism in the Middle East. The Daesh and other terrorist groups must not be supported. The MKO must not be allowed to hold meetings in France and must not be given political, intelligence and financial support. Terrorism is bad. We do not have good and bad terrorist.

Terrorist attacks must be frowned upon everywhere in the world and in all conditions.

On the whole, all of these sentiments should be taken into consideration to trace the root causes of any heinous crimes.

Fourth, France has never had a strict security system. It considers itself as the cradle of democracy in the world. Hence, the country does not want to beef up security.

Around 55 million tourists visit France every year. This generates $65 billion for the European nation annually. As a result, any efforts to strengthen security will strike a serious blow to the country's tourism industry.

Even if France wants to reverse its policy and tighten up security, it will fail to prevent the growing insecurity, if it continues its double-standard policies.

To sum up, the West needs to revise its anti-terrorism policies.



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