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Published: 1006 GMT August 04, 2016

Trump raised over $80mn in July donations

Trump raised over $80mn in July donations

US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has raised more than $80 million in July, a figure that nullifies reports about his collapsing campaign.

According to Trump’s finance chairman Steven Mnuchin, Trump and the Republican Party raised $64 million through online and mail donations, the New York Times reported Thursday.

The New York businessman earned another $16 million by holding 20 pricey fundraising events in conjunction with the Republican National Convention (RNC).

The bombastic billionaire himself also contributed $2 million to the campaign, bringing the monthly total to $82 million.

During a campaign event on Wednesday, Trump boasted of racking in $35.8 million in the form of small donations with an average amount of $69.

In comparison, Trump’s democratic rival Hillary Clinton raised $90 million with the help of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in the same period.

The new numbers are indicative of a major increase in Trump’s fundraising performance as he entered June with only $1.3 million in the bank. The number at the beginning of August was $37 million.

Trump also managed to attract more small-dollar donations throughout the month compared to June when 30 percent of the money he raised was contributed by 60 mega-donors, who each shelled out at least $100,000.

“This is not just a convention bounce,” Mnuchin said. “There is ground-level support for Donald Trump unlike any other Republican before.”

Both candidates have until August 20 to provide the Federal Election Commission with their fundraising details.

The Times noted that Trump, just like Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, has established a strong following among small donors. During his bid for the Democratic nomination, Sanders easily raised more than $35 million from small donors each month.

The strong performance shows recent reports about Trump’s collapsing campaign are exaggerated to a great extent.

Recent media reports hinted at a rising sense of panic among Republican elected officials over Trump’s missteps. Some even went as far as suggesting that GOP party leaders are beginning to discuss what to do if their unpredictable nominee suddenly quits the race.

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