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Published: 0711 GMT September 12, 2016

Fears over abusing Syria truce deal

Fears over abusing Syria truce deal

By Mohammad-Reza Raouf Sheibani Iran’s Ambassador to Syria

The US and Russia announced plans for a nationwide ceasefire in Syria which began on Monday. This has raised concern that the warring sides may refuse to comply with the truce or exploit it to bolster their foothold in the country.

Those responsible for overseeing the implementation of the truce must guarantee that the so-called opposition groups and terrorists will not violate it. This is because terrorists have broken the previous ceasefire deals and inflicted damages on government positions. Hence the agreement must be cautiously accepted.
The US and Russia said they will form a joint committee to monitor the truce and discuss their joint military cooperation in Syria.

Iran, which has supported ceasefire deals in Syria over the past five years, calls for adopting comprehensive measures to prevent terrorists from exploiting the ceasefire to reinforce their positions. Likewise, the truce must not change the balance of power in favor of terrorist groups.

The Islamic Republic also throws its weight behind plans which lead to ending bloodshed in Syria.

Tehran has backed the Syrian government since terrorists began to wreak havoc in the country in 2011.

The war-hit nation has become the scene of rivalry between global powers and their regional allies since then. This has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.

The rivalry has overshadowed the demands of Syrian people who seek peace and security.

Meanwhile, Tehran insists that a political approach is the sole solution to the ongoing crisis.  This can be achieved by allowing Syrian people to determine the fate of their country and respecting their national sovereignty.

Syrian people will ultimately overcome the conflicts and restore their influential clout in the region.   

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