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Published: 0625 GMT December 21, 2016

‘Are you truly incapable of shame?’

‘Are you truly incapable of shame?’

By Mehran Refahi

On December 13 the United States ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, vehemently asked: “Are you truly incapable of shame?” She was referring mainly to the Assad government, Russia, and Iran in the destruction that they have caused in Syria, particularly in Aleppo, in the recent past.

In the first place, the situation in Syria is humanity’s shame. That the human being is capable of wreaking such destruction, killing children and making people homeless is beyond belief.

Secondly, this question was being asked on the part of a country which, in a mere 240 years of history, has had no shame in causing destruction and killing people in order to control the world in its favor.

Have you, the United States of America, had no shame in causing 10 years of destruction in Vietnam, a war which is still not clear why it was fought except for the “domino theory”?

Had you no shame in supporting Saddam Hussein in a useless eight-year war against Iran, and even supporting his use of chemical weapons against Iranians?

Did you say the use of chemical weapons was your redline?

Have you no shame in selling some six billion dollars’ worth of weapons in the past 21 months to Saudi Arabia, knowing that it will use them to kill people and destroy Yemen?

Had you no shame in toppling then Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadeq and reinstalling the former shah because he would be in your favor?

Had you no shame in supporting Argentina during the time that thousands of people “disappeared”?

Had you no shame in toppling Chile’s Salvadore Allende against its people’s will?

Had you no shame in illegally invading Iraq based on the false premise that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, and causing the death and displacement of about one million Iraqi civilians?

Have you no shame that American soldiers who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan are now killing themselves at home at the rate of 22 per day?

Speaking of shame, it seems that the United States of America is the winner of the contest of being truly incapable of shame.


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