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Published: 0557 GMT December 25, 2016

Digital version of 'Christ in Night of Glory' available

Digital version of 'Christ in Night of Glory' available

A PDF version of the book 'Christ in Night of Glory', narrating the story of the visits by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei to the homes of Christian martyrs, is now available to the public.

The book aims to provide international readers a chance to read the interesting meetings of Ayatollah Khamenei with the families of Christian martyrs. It was translated into English in January 2016, nearly a year after its publication in Persian, and was released to coincide with Christmas and New Year following a recent visit by the Leader to the home of an Assyrian martyr, Mehr News Agency reported.

'Christ in Night of Glory' recalls visits by Ayatollah Khamenei since 1984 when he was president until early 2011 as the Leader. The interesting point about the meetings is their surprising nature and the reaction of hosts when they realize that the Leader will go to their homes in few minutes.

Each story begins with a short introduction of the martyr and then comes to the visit and the conversations between the Leader of the Islamic Revolution and the martyrs' families. This narrative theme actually makes the book more interesting and makes it a must-read.

According to the publisher, the English translation of the book from the original Persian text will be made available in Armenia, Lebanon, Europe and the USA for further knowledge of the Armenians (and Assyrians) who have been living in Iran since ancient times.

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