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Published: 0243 GMT January 06, 2017

'Paradise of Cactuses', a unique farm in Astara

'Paradise of Cactuses', a unique farm in Astara

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Houshang Norouzi has been involved in developing a cactus farm in Astara, Gilan Province, since 1976.

The farm known as 'Paradise of Cactuses' extends over an area of 500 sq.m.  It includes 2,200 cactus species which are unique in the Middle East.

He said the cactuses are valued at between 50,000 rials and 100 million rials.

Cactuses are among world wonders and create positive energy, he said. They attract radiation and negative energy, he added.

"Their irrigation differs according to the season. Cactuses can live without water for five years."

Norouzi put the monthly cost of maintaining cactuses at 10 million rials. He and his wife take care of the cactuses.

"Some of my cactus species pertain to Mexico and Argentina. There are over 500 grafted cactuses in the farm."

He has received his Diploma of Horticulture from Germany and has held several solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions.

"I recommend only those who are fond of cactuses and can understand these plants to keep them as their beauty goes beyond their thorny nature."

Gholamreza Dadashpour, who has come from Ardabil Province to Norouzi's cactus farm to purchase some plants, said: “My daughter studies at high school. She used to suffer from tension and its physical effects. A traditional medicine expert recommended us to put cactus in her room. It was effective and she fully recovered."



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