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Published: 0714 GMT January 22, 2017

Government must have more self-confidence

Government must have more self-confidence

By Abbas Abdi

Conservative hardliners have had no scruples about criticizing the government of President Hassan Rouhani for the policies it has adopted over the past three and a half years.

They continue to press ahead with their harsh criticisms against the government’s achievements, including a nuclear deal reached between Tehran and world powers in 2015.

Although the new US President Donald Trump has made a U-turn on his threats against the nuclear accord, Iranian hardliners still voice opposition to the agreement known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Such anti-Rouhani stances have raised serious questions about the reasons of opposing JCPOA, and the reactions that pro-government groups should have.

Opponents of the nuclear agreement still have slight hope that it will break down. However, they have never mulled over the consequences of the deal’s failure. The JCPOA has overshadowed the political life of hardliners. Hence, admitting to the achievements of the deal will cost them dearly.

Likewise, the JCPOA has been the most important achievement of the Rouhani government. Hence, hardliners attempt to revive their political life by lashing out at the deal.

A glance at public opinion indicates that the approaches of hardliners have backfired. Such approaches depict the government as “downtrodden,” which could serve as the biggest political strategy against the hardliners themselves.

Besides, anti-government moves will create division among conservatives, pushing them to introduce a presidential candidate who opposes the JCPOA. This will be tantamount to the defeat of conservatives in the election.

Political divisions between hardliners and moderate conservatives have deepened in recent years over the nuclear agreement.

Moderate conservatives have backed the accord, which indicates that they have departed from a hard line. The government should not get involved in the arguments between them.

The administration should address the people and ignore the statements of hardliners. The government should also boost its self-confidence and spare no effort in promoting hope among the people.

Abbas Abdi is a political analyst.


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