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Published: 0623 GMT February 01, 2017
Rouhani: Trump a political novice

Iran unveils two satellites

Iran unveils two satellites

Iran on Wednesday put on display its latest achievements in the area of space technology during a ceremony attended by President Hassan Rouhani and other senior officials.

The Exhibition of Space Achievements was held in Tehran on Wednesday to mark the ninth National Space Technology Day.

Also present at the event were Minister of Science, Research, and Technology Mohammad Farhadi and Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan.

During the ceremony, the domestically-designed Nahid 1 telecommunications satellite, and student-manufactured Cube satellite were unveiled.

Nahid 1 has been manufactured at Iran’s Space Research Center. Through its production, the country has sought to hone its capabilities in building geosynchronous satellites. The solar-powered satellite is designed to provide telecommunication and imaging services.

Among other achievements put on display were the surveillance-imaging Payam-e Amirkabir satellite, designed and built by Iran’s Amirkabir University of Technology and Saman 1 orbital maneuver system, which can be used to change satellite orbit.

Speaking at the ceremony, President Rouhani called for efforts to promote domestic capabilities in the field of space technology by drawing on relevant international experience.

“It is wrong for us to either be exclusively reliant on buying [technology] from abroad or totally turn our backs on international experience,” said President Rouhani, adding that the country needs to tap domestic potential and benefit from international expertise as well.

The chief executive further described space technology as a source of power for the Islamic Republic.


Rouhani on Trump

Speaking at the same event, President Rouhani dismissed his US counterpart Donald Trump as a political novice on Wednesday, stepping up criticism of the Republican's immigration policies including a temporary travel ban on Iranians.

Rouhani described Trump and his administration as newcomers who don't understand politics. “He is new to politics. He has been in a different world.”

Rouhani also said that Trump would end up harming not only his own nation but other countries as well.

“It's a totally new environment to him”. It will take him a long time and will cost the United States a lot, until he learns what is happening in the world," he said.

Rouhani called the American administration dishonest for claiming to be on the side of the Iranian people, but then banning them.

This is not the day and age for separating nations and their ideas, Rouhani said, adding it is wrong for a president to assume that by banning the issuance of visas for the nationals of certain countries, he can create a rift among people.

Rouhani further slammed Trump’s “wrong move” as a violation of human rights and said Americans “are today trampling on all international principles and commitments”.

Tehran has already said it will take legal, political and reciprocal measures in response to Trump's order suspending the entry of people from Iran and six other Muslim-majority countries.

Trump's has said his travel order, signed on Friday, is needed to protect national security.

He has also promised a sharp shift in policy on Iran, calling the nuclear pact that Tehran signed with Washington and other world powers "the worst deal ever negotiated".

"Today is not a time for separating nations by walls," Rouhani said, in an apparent reference to Trump's promise to build a barrier along the US border with Mexico.


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