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Published: 0650 GMT February 04, 2017

Israel provokes US against Iran

Israel provokes US against Iran

By Hossein Valeh

Israel is making attempts to push President Donald Trump’s administration to trigger a war against Iran in the Middle East.

Tel Aviv’s motives against the Islamic Republic can be studied from several angles.

First, Israel is still pursuing an “iron fist” policy against Palestinians, including deportations, demolition of homes, collective punishment, curfews, and the suppression of political institutions to “undermine” Palestinian resistance, which is morally supported by Iran.

The new US government which has adopted more convergent views with Tel Aviv has emboldened the regime to follow up its policy more vigorously.
Secondly, Israel’s clout has seen substantial erosion among public opinion in Europe. A resolution passed by the UN Security Council against Israeli settlements in December last year was an indication that Europe is not satisfied with Tel Aviv’s expansionist approach.

Israel is under the illusion that a new military confrontation in the Middle East will push Europe to avoid criticizing Tel Aviv and once against throw its weight behind the regime.

Thirdly, Israel believes that provoking a war against Iran will drive some Arab nations to stop their hostile approach toward Tel Aviv and join the fight against the Islamic Republic. This could help Israel press ahead with its radical policies. Trump’s plans to relocate the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Beit-ol-Moqaddas are in line with such radical policies.

Fourthly, the advances of the Iraqi and Syrian armies against terrorists herald a major breakthrough in the region. Resolving the conflicts in these Arab nations could attract full attention to Israel’s crimes against Palestinians. Hence, a new military confrontation could help Tel Aviv pursue its policies in the occupied Palestinian territories more vigorously.

Fifthly, Trump’s approach shows that his foreign policy will focus on China and Europe instead of the Middle East, which would work to the detriment of the Israeli regime.

Likewise, the Trump administration has said the White House will not scrap the Iran nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). However, during his presidential campaign, the business mogul had threatened to tear up the agreement. Washington’s compliance with the JCPOA has raised serious concerns among Israeli officials.

It remains to be seen whether the Trump administration will trigger a new war in the Middle East in order to help Israel’s dream come true.

Hossein Valeh is a university lecturer.

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