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Published: 0744 GMT February 12, 2017

Trumpism and globalization

Trumpism and globalization

By Mousa Ghani-nejad Senior Iranian Economist

The election of Donald Trump as the new US president has shocked elites and intellectuals. He chanted extreme and unusual slogans during his presidential campaign to win the vote of those who were dissatisfied with his country’s policies.

Such slogans were not taken seriously by many experts.

However, Trump’s executive orders in the first month of his presidency, suggest that he seeks to fulfill the promises he made during his campaign.

Future developments will make it clear how the new president will be able to fulfill his promises despite opposition expressed by political, social and international bodies.

Presently, some of Trump’s policies are contradictory and will not be achieved in the long term.

Logically, discriminatory policies which bar immigrants from entering the US will work to the detriment of the American society.

As a result, such policies will not continue after Trump’s era.

In other words, his presidency will end with unpredictable costs for the future American generations.

Presently, the phenomenon of Trumpism should be explained to the current and next generations.

When Fascism and Nazism (National Socialism) emerged in Europe, supporters of Marxism claimed these phenomena were the direct results of Capitalism. The claims came as Fascism and Nazism were against the free trade policy.

These claims were also supported after the Second World War by many elites who were opposed to Capitalism.

However, such opposition lost grounds in the last three decade of the last century as the process of globalization and free trade grew.

Globalization and free trade were welcomed by underdeveloped and even poor countries. This helped replace poverty with good living conditions in societies.

Nonetheless, some of those who are more Catholic than the Pope brand globalization as non-human and anti-environment which also contributes to economic inequality and gender discrimination.

The propaganda against globalization has been used by extremists who are against it from a different point of view.

This propaganda has helped right-hand populists in the US and Europe, who chant contradictory slogans and mobilize support for themselves.

Trump’s policies and his picks for his government show that he supports a kind of Mercantilism rather than free trade.

As Fascism and Nazism (National Socialism) were not the results of Capitalism — as it was claimed by supporters of Marxism — populism and Trumpism cannot be linked to the expansion of free trade and globalization.

Both of these stem from propaganda used by extremists to drum up support for their plans.    


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