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Published: 0358 GMT February 17, 2017

China's left behind children

China's left behind children

The generation of lonely youngsters have been deserted by their parents who left to work in booming cities

The human cost of China's economic growth, with an estimated 60 million children left behind by their parents.

The legions of  under 17s are often looked after by their grandparents in impoverished rural areas, as their parents leave to work in the country's cities.

A survey by the National Health and Family Planning Commission published last year found that there are 61 million 'left behind children' across China.

While many cities like Beijing rely on workers migrating from the countryside, municipal authorities often do not provide basic provisions such as schooling or healthcare for their children.

This means it is impossible for families to stay together, the South China Morning Post reported, and experts fear this is doing long term psychological damage to children.

In some provinces, including Anhui, Henan and Sichuan, 44 percent of children live without their mother or father, according to official figures.

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